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Chasing Clarence - Chasing Clarence - a tempo

Eric Bervig is Chasing Clarence

I (Eric) play an original blend of folk-jazz incorporating acoustic & electric guitars, banjo, a loop station, and vocals with harmonizer. I delve into the breadth of life lyrically while exploring the tonal landscapes that flow from within.

Come listen to Chasing Clarence at a concert near you!

A Tempo a the Online Store

And if you like us, please, don't keep us a secret!!!

Chasing Clarence's new EP album "Brother" is finally going to be released March 2012! Get your copy of the old stuff today at the online store!

Important Updates!

  • Get in touch if you your interested in booking The Chasing Clarence!
  • Check out the upcoming gigs and find where you can come hear the new music for yourself!

Chasing Clarence on ReverbNation

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